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This is a fund set up for the people who have been arrested while protesting in Ferguson. Please donate if you can and share widely. This is concrete action we can take to support the people of Ferguson. Also please call your local representative and let them know you do not agree with what’s happening. Here’s a script and a way to find the contact info for your local reps. 

Please signal boost.

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Abby is the most considerate cat. She still hates everyone but will throw up in the litter box when she eats too fast. 


Real-Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping

Impressive proof-of-concept demonstration from OMOTE which accurately projects visuals onto a moving human face - video embedded below:


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just in case there’s anyone in Ferguson who’s following info on tumblr as well

sadly, with the way the police are out, marching, and ready for the curfew (with dogs), there are some people that may need this

"We are prepping for a night if jail support. Call 314 862 2249 if you or friend arrested."

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Bathroom selfie. Loughborough, August 2014.


Bathroom selfie. Loughborough, August 2014.

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this mouth aint for kissin this mouth is for flawless lipstick n cussing

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Massive sinkhole swallows house in Florida

Massive sinkhole swallows house in Florida

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The Latino Experience In Appalachia

De Soto actually put the word Appalachian on the map in 1540 because of the Native American group Apalachee. And there has been - in the late 1880s, 25 percent of the coal mining workforce in southern West Virginia was African-American. There were people coming from all over the world recruited by the coal industry. So I would say there were Spanish speakers from the late 1800s, early 1900s in the coal industry all through Appalachia.

If you walked down the streets of Harlan in the 1920s or earlier, you would’ve heard over 25 different languages spoken. So Appalachia is a much more multicultural and diverse region and always has been than it’s portrayed in the media. Those portrayals are very persistent and pernicious of a homogeneous region.

And that’s one reason why I wanted to start this project, “Las Voces de los Apalaches,” to create a platform through which people could talk about their own identities and choices to be in the region, their experiences and perspectives because whole groups of people get silenced in the region.

That’s why the Affrilachian Poets movement started. Twenty years ago, Frank X. Walker and other poets - Nikky Finney and many others - started the Affrilachian Poets movement because African-American voices in Appalachia have also been silenced through those portrayals, as you said, of white Appalachians…

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Have you looked in the greenhouse lately? Susanne Ussing


Have you looked in the greenhouse lately? Susanne Ussing

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in case anyone was considering buying a shirt with that image, the man in the photo is requesting that people dont buy it 

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This week I splurged on a big ol bag of apples, love & rockets #1 and a book of stamps.  Now I’m back to being a broke piece of shit for another 2 weeks. 


idk why police officers being monitored to make sure they’re performing their duties ethically and within legal parameters is such a controversial topic because if I recall they’re a fan of using the whole “if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear” shtick to justify harassing civilians it’s almost like they’re full of bullshit

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